NETPAC & Invenio Solutions announce: fest-easy

Aditya Thursday May 10, 2012

In today’s time when Information Technology (IT) has become an integral element of every cultural expression. There is a need forsynergy between both these aspects. NETPAC years of festival management domain expertise and Invenio Solutions years of IT automation experience have come together to announce a, joint initiative, platform called “fest-easy” - a platform that comprises of all IT initiatives that are related to manage your film festival in an affordable and effective manner with latest generation mediums. The various features of this platform are:

  • Creating a new one or upgrading your existing website to a newer technology that seamlessly integrates with today’s social networking platforms (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, PICASA etc). A website that is based on dynamic content management system that allows you to create your new festival editions each year with new graphics without any need of IT expertise and also automatically archive your festival editions. Other features include Multilingual capability. 


  • A film festival software to manage and automate your festival activities in the following areas
    • Festival Contacts
    • Hospitality related flows
    • Festival Entry Form with payment gateway integration
    • Awards & Citations
    • Jury Management
    • Selection Process
    • Scheduling
    • Online Festival Catalog
    • Online Tickets
    • Photo Galleries
    • Blogs
    • User Access Control
    • Record Locking to prevent simultaneous edits
    • Report and Printing labels
    • Mass Mailing Solution
  • Your Festival iPAD and Android APPs
  • Your Festival video channel with media player branding
  • Specialized Screening cubicles that allow for festival guest and any nominated person to see the film using a computer. This is out of turn as per schedule. 
  • A network of Touch Screen Kiosks with the facility to guide the visitors and play trailers of the Films. 
  • Ticket Selling software at the venue 
  • and much more...as per what you want and how you want

For more details please write to web@netpacasia.org or contacts@inveniosolutions.com

by NETPAC Bureau

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